Biometrics - The Future Of Customer Onboarding

The best customer onboarding experience… and the best defence against digital fraud.

APLYiD provides the finest biometrics checks on the market. It’s game changing technology that protects your business and your customers from digital fraud while streamlining your customer onboarding process so it takes seconds, not days.

If you want to take your AML/KYC process to the next level whilst ensuring you have gold standard anti-fraud protection for you and your customers, then biometric checks are for you.

Biometrics. When you need to know your customer is truly your customer.

Here’s 6 reasons why your business needs biometric checks:

1 Because they’re secure.

Biometrics are the best possible way to protect your customers and your business from digital crime.  

Seriously. They are the unbeaten, number one, most powerful tool in our fight against identity fraud. And that’s because they’re ridiculously hard to fake. Unlike someone copying your signature, or second-guessing your passwords (probably time to change it from ‘123456’, don’t you think?) it’s more or less impossible to hack your fingerprints or your face.

It doesn’t stop hackers from trying, of course – but they have a long way to go. If you watched Star Wars: Rogue One you’ll know how good Hollywood has got at replicating Carrie Fisher’s teenage face using ‘deepfake’ technology. But that’s with millions of dollars and months of artists working non-stop to recreate it. And ultimately, Princess Leia’s digitally recreated cinnamon-bun hairdo exists only on the silver screen – not in real life. And our biometric test can tell the difference – instantly.

The result is a system that guarantees that the person getting verified is a real human being and not a cheap (or even very expensive) digital copy.  

If you want a more detailed explanation of how our biometrics work then have a look at reason 6 down at the bottom of this page. We’re confident that you’ll agree that it’s the best damn ID verification software in the world. But if you’d rather find out more of the great reasons why you should be adopting biometrics for your business, read on.

2. Because they make your customer experience even better.

Let’s face it: the success of your business depends on whether your customers prefer your products, your services, and your brand more than they do the competition’s. That’s why biometrics can be a powerful tool for winning (and keeping) more customers than ever before.

Have a look at your verification process – and be honest. Is it actually any good? How long does it take? How many people drop off or give up because they must dig out additional ID, or wait for background checks to be completed, or (ugh) have to fill in endless forms or answer hundreds of questions while the salesperson types them into their computer?

In a fierce and competitive marketplace your customers can easily ‘cool off’ and change their mind mid-way through this process. Not with us, though. Our biometric ID verification checks are completed with just one piece of ID and a selfie. It takes less than 90 seconds – less time than it takes your sales team to make them a cup of coffee. And, of course, your customers can do it remotely, on their own mobile phone, without having to download any apps or software. It’s ridiculously simple, yet incredibly powerful. And customers actually enjoy the process.

Don’t just take our word for it. According to our client Convera (formerly Western Union), “By harnessing APLYiD's technology, we have seen 406% more accounts created due to ease of onboarding. It has been amazing to see this technology in action and how it has enhanced our client experience.” (Mark Roberts, Convera National Sales Manager, New Zealand).

(You can read the full case study here, if you want to know more.)

3. Because they reduce your referral rates.

If biometrics are the trifle, then our automated document capture is the cherry on top. Honestly, it’s much sexier than it sounds. APLYiD scans, reads, and extracts ID data from documents like passports and driving licenses and authenticates the documents whilst performing data checks at the same time.

This gives you a second source to verify your customer against – you’re not just reliant on Government or credit bureau data sets, you’re automatically checking a real human being against their authenticated ID. This cuts referral rates by a huge margin – our customers report a staggering 95% drop in referrals thanks to our clever little box of biometric tricks.

So many of our rivals (mentioning no names here, but they know who they are) purport to bring biometric ID verification to your business. But when you open the lid and have a poke around, you’ll find a basic biometric check attached to manual checks and data form filling and long-winded checks with a minimal number of government or credit sources. We decided we’d do it properly instead.

And while we talk about stuff our competitors don’t do – if you do get a referral, or a customer who needs help with the process (not that it happens often: my grandmother managed it no problem, and she’s 89. And still has a rotary telephone) then we have a 24hr dedicated support team, 7 days a week. Our verification team will handle referrals, queries and complaints so that you don’t have to.

4. Because if they don’t complete then you don’t have to pay.

They say that you only get what you pay for.  Well, we agree.

We’re so confident that our biometric verification tools will change your business for the better – and your customer experience – that we only charge you for people that complete their APLYiD check.

Seriously. For those (few) people that start the process but don’t complete it? We charge not a bean. Not a penny. Not a cent.

5. Because they save you (and your staff) time and effort.

Remember when you were doing all those customer forms and managing databases of people coming to your business as a potential customer, and having to onboard customers by dedicating staff to filling out the data entry forms and liaising with credit bureaus and inhouse counsel or other legal firms, and then employing someone else to check that you’re fully compliant with AML and KYC legislation, which seems to change every five damn minutes?

What do you mean you’re still doing all that?

APLYiD is an out-of-the-box, all-in-one solution. We keep our proprietary software fully up to date with every government compliance regulation, we simplify the verification process and handle all referrals and issues. It literally takes ten minutes to set up and integrate into your existing processes, no development time or costs, and you’re good to go.

And all that stuff? Yeah, you can stop doing all that now. You don’t need it anymore.

Our client Tall Poppy real estate reported to us that they sped up their customer onboarding process by 200%, while being 50% less hands-on. Co-Owner Michael Seymour says: “Having a market leading AML solution like APLYiD makes our agents more efficient in their work. It's not only a time saver for them, but it's a recruitment tool.”

6. And because it’s awesome.

Let’s face it, when you think of biometrics you think of Hollywood, right? Maybe Tom Cruise dodging baddies in Minority Report, or Will Smith battling androids in I, Robot. Arnie milking the very last drop of good stuff out of the Terminator franchise.

That’s because with our biometric software, the future really is here. And it’s really, really cool.

Hold your face up to your phone’s camera, and our technology makes thousands of micro calculations to ensure that it is capturing an image of a real human being. It examines the feed around the photo being taken and analyses it for ‘liveness’ – everything from the ‘depth’ of the photograph with depth perception to monitoring minuscule movements from your heartbeat to confirm the face is composed of real skin and not a statue or mask. It even analyses light refraction from the face and background objects to confirm the 3D space around you. Our technology creates a dot matrix ‘map’ of your face – over 30,000 different facial vectors in total – to check against your ID. These are the sort of checks that stop someone holding up a Rogue One-style deepfake of your face to steal your identity. Our system knows when it’s looking at a real person and not a computer screen.

All this happens in tiny fractions of a second, but we think it’s vital. It’s the only way to give you the security of a video ID check with all the convenience of a ‘selfie’.

And then when it comes to document checks we make micro-adjustments to account for variability with lighting levels, lower quality cameras, whether someone has aged compared to document IDs that may be even 10 years old or more. We adjust for different skin tones (including suntans) and facial hair. Then we verify that image against their live photo, factoring the image quality of the ID document that has been photographed, before using OCR technology to capture the ID text in a dynamic form, and then comparing both to confirm the customer’s identity.

I know, I know – we’re geeking out a bit here, and telling you more than you really need to know. But that’s because – let’s face it – this stuff is cool. The coolest part? Our verification process happens faster than you can read the above paragraph.

The only important bit that you really need to know is that our advanced biometric technology means we can onboard anyone no matter their age, nationality or smartphone model.

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