Why We Built APLYiD

Our technology gives businesses complete confidence that their customers are who they say they are. Our people empower customers to thrive by providing an exceptional human service.

Our Mission

To end digital crime and help people lead safer lives online
Digital identity theft costs more than $100bn globally. It wrecks lives and damages businesses of all sizes and industries. You're now twenty times more likely to have your identity stolen than your wallet.  

It doesn't have to be this way.

APLYiD specialises in advanced biometric ID verification technology. Our SaaS solution provides a simple, superfast biometric ID match and check service that complies with regulatory legislations in every country in the world.

Join us and help us end the scourge of digital crime while using the simplest, safest and most advanced technology available in the world.

Our story

Founded in New Zealand by Claudia Smith and Russell Smith in 2018, APLYiD quickly grew to become the market leader in digital onboarding solutions across all of Australasia and the UK.

Together Claudia and Russell have extensive experience working across globally recognised brands, implementing credit, ID and biometric solutions. With their joint expertise across technology, sales and strategy, they saw the need for an ID platform that could be integrated seamlessly into an existing business’ ecosystem.

APLYiD is built on the mantra that technology is for everybody. No matter the scale or size of the business, all our customers get the same amazing experience, the same leading technology and the same level of support from our team.

Our co-founders Claudia Smith (COO) and Russell Smith (CEO).


Building Over Time


Global focus on AML and new legislative requirements creates urgency in the market for solid AML processes


An idea was formed and a team of specialists came together to create what was to become APLYiD


APLYiD pioneered the SaaS KYC space, creating technology to give customers a seamless, trustworthy onboarding experience within minutes


APLYiD began disrupting the AML space with over 200 clients utilising the tool to verify their customer’s identity in only minutes


With an increase in customer demand, the APLYiD team grew to 10 and continued to dominate in it’s field


With huge success in NZ and a raft of happy clients, APLYiD began planning to launch in both the UK & AU


The technology secured a seamless integration with Salesforce, further improving customer satisfaction


APLYiD launches in Australia


APLYiD receives a nomination for Westpac Best Emerging Business


APLYiD launches in United Kingdom


APLYiD secures it’s first government customer


With a growing client base spanning 3 countries, the APLYiD team hires it’s 20th team member

Our team celebrating being nominated for the Westpac Best Emerging Business Award.

Our Auckland based team volunteering at Eat My Lunch.

Our Auckland based team volunteering at Eat My Lunch.

Our Auckland based team at the 2020 Westpac Business Awards

Our Team

Our team of highly-skilled individuals is made up of relationship managers, technologists, developers, salespeople, creatives and marketers across New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, with a sole mission of comradery and exceeding customer expectations.

Outside of deeply caring for our customers, and each other, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Not only are we 100% paperless, but we are always actively looking for ways to give back to the community while remaining forward-thinking in sustainability initiatives.

As a team, we spend time together volunteering for the likes of Eat My Lunch, running marathons (for those who dare) and enjoying social events and out of office activities. We understand if our relationship with each other is exceptional, our customers only reap the benefits and receive the best experience possible.

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