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Our pioneering combined, Biometric and AML API offers cutting-edge facial recognition technology with robust data verification checks, delivering a seamless experience for your customer onboarding.

Bid farewell to time-consuming manual processes and usher in an era of efficient compliance. Our Biometric and AML API, revolutionises your AML process, reducing it from hours to seconds without compromising on security. Our advanced algorithms ensure swift and precise identity verification, setting a new gold standard in compliance.

With APLYID, there's no need to bend your processes to accommodate a third-party provider. Our Restful API’s seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, giving you full control over how, what, and where you implement our solution. This flexibility empowers you to effortlessly meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

Elevate your compliance efforts with APLYID's Biometric and AML API – the future of streamlined, secure, and user-friendly compliance solutions.

Biometric only

Our Biometric Verification API is a groundbreaking solution that merges cutting-edge biometric checks with location verification for failsafe identity validation.

Confirmation of an individual's identity has never been swifter or more dependable. Our state-of-the-art technology conducts rigorous biometric Liveness and Likeness checks leaving no room for doubt. Bid farewell to lengthy manual processes and embrace an efficient, streamlined verification experience.

In the era of escalating online anonymity, unearthing attempts to mask one's true location is imperative and crucial. APLYID's API incorporates location checks to unmasks the use of VPNs or other tools to obscure identity. This additional layer of security shields your business from potential risks.

Our Restful API seamlessly integrates into your systems, providing you with the flexibility to tailor it to your specific needs. With APLYID, security meets efficiency seamlessly.

“I find this so helpful in my job. It’s very easy to use – never had an issue – and  APLYiD team is always there if you need assistance.”
Heidi Churchard, Stadium Finance
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Manual API

Say goodbye to manual data entry. In seconds, our API verifies your clients' information, liberating your team to focus on what truly matters. Your valuable time is given back to you.

Conducting thorough AML checks against all major UK credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax & Transunion), and in addition, PEP and sanctions screenings all built into the API, our software ensures compliance without the weeks-long wait. Armed with just your client's full name, date of birth, and address, you'll achieve an impressive 94% pass rate. It's efficiency you'll fall in love with.

Ultimately, our seamless integration allows for connectivity into your website or client portal and through to case management systems or third-party providers, it effortlessly integrates wherever you need it. Enjoy unparalleled data accuracy, automated processing, and streamlined workflows, all thanks to our API.

Elevate your AML compliance effortlessly. Trust in our API to save you time and secure your processes.

PEP + Sanctions & adverse media

Gain a powerful shield against fraudulent activity with our PEP and Sanction API, providing access to an extensive database of over 2 million articles published since 2002.

Effortlessly scanning through 12 Global datasets in seconds. Our powerful and fast PEP solution, includes politically exposed persons, sanctioned individuals, and regulatory enforcement lists, our API significantly reduces your exposure to fraudulent activities.

Designed to be adaptable to a business's growth, there's no cap on the number of queries you can run. As your customer base expands, so too can your searches. With unrestricted access and real-time updates. Rest assured that your company will receive timely and accurate alerts. This automated screening process not only saves you valuable time and resources but also enables swifter decision-making in your onboarding process.

By harnessing the power of our PEP and Sanction API, you'll expertly navigate compliance risks, safeguard your reputation, and uphold the trust of your customers.

“We have used APLYiD for several years now, and it’s made our lives a lot easier. The software is efficient and user-friendly, and it’s our preferred method of completing standard CDD for our clients because it’s so quick and painless for everyone involved.”
Liz Olney, AML Compliance Administrator at Martelli McKegg
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