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Biometric ID technology • Data verification • Document capture Powerful AML & KYC Compliance • Digital & ID Fraud protection
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“From a business perspective APLYiD has saved us time and money. It’s just so straightforward and easy.”

Debbie Tuddenham, Head of Select Wealth Managementat Select Wealth Management

Improve customer retention with a seamless, superfast customer journey.

Working with Select Wealth we’ve helped the company reduce the time it takes to perform their due diligence on its customers by over 70%.

Clients have previously dropped off due to the verification process being too complex and time-consuming. By using APLYiD, Select Wealth’s clients are now able to complete checks efficiently directly on their own smartphones, with no downloads or data inputting.

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"We’ve been able to reduce theft of our vehicles by over 95% in a 12 month period by implementing the APLYiD solution."

James Dalglish, Chief Operating Officer, GO Rentals

Spend your time selling cars, not tracing stolen cars.

Go Rentals had a significant problem with cars being stolen through identity fraud – losing more than 30 cars in a 12 month period. APLYiD’s solution all but eliminated the problem of car theft – cutting it by over 95%.The branches have also been able to reduce the need for customers to physically visit the store, resulting in increased staff productivity and branch security and a smarter, digital-first customer experience.

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“We’re now seeing a 35% uplift of customers happily moving through our onboarding process”

Mark Balich, Head of Product, Latitude Financial Services

A better way to stay compliant while fighting fraud

We worked with Latitude Finance to streamline its customer onboarding process while improving time-efficiencies and ensuring the company is fully AML/KYC compliant and audit-ready.

Originally a very manual and time consuming onboarding process for their customers, Latitude Financial Services have seen their customer onboarding journey become 80% faster, whilst improving their compliance robustness through implementing APLYiD.

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What you get

We work with companies of all sizes helping to streamline their customer onboarding process. Our tech allows companies to:

Capture data automatically through ID documents
Capture data automatically through ID documents
Verify the document’s validity
Verify the document’s validity
Run a liveness check to prove authenticity
Run a liveness check to prove authenticity

How it works

We send a text to kickstart the verification process.

Then scan against over 16,000 ID types and captures your customers details.

The client
takes a selfie.

And you're all done in under 90 seconds.

Step one:

Enter your customer’s name and mobile number and they receive a text to kickstart the verification process.

Step two:

Our OCR technology scans 16,000 ID types (like a passport or driving licence) and captures their details in dynamic form.

Step three:

The client then takes a selfie, where our biometric software measures over 30,000 different facial vectors to confirm ‘liveness’ and compare their face to their ID.

Step four:

We scan global government databases with a checklist that complies with the very latest in AML and KYC compliance regulations including PEP & Sanctions checks, before we verify your customer with 100% accuracy.

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Step five:

The whole process from start to finish takes less than 90 seconds, with no manual data entry or typing needed. Simple.

Everything you need to win, onboard and keep new customers

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Our all-in-one onboarding process is the fastest, smartest way to verify your new customers.

Our fully automated process verifies your customers in seconds. It works on virtually every smartphone with no downloads. It’s so quick and easy that fewer customers abandon the onboarding process halfway through.

And it works alongside your existing IT setup, complete with your own company branding, with no need for expensive development work or integration.

“We’ve been able to reduce theft of our vehicles by over 95% in a 12 month period by implementing the APLYiD solution. The savings in both money and time has been enormous”
James Dalglish, Chief Operating Officer, GO Rentals
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Your trusted partner for protecting and verifying your customers

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APLYiD provides the safest way to verify new customers while meeting your compliance requirements

Our onboarding AML/KYC compliance software is powered by the best available Government, Credit Bureau and Enterprise datasets, keeping all identification ultra-secure, updated and accurate.

We automatically delete customer data within minutes of verification. We will never be the source of a data breach or hack – that’s how we can guarantee your clients’ data is safe and secure.

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