Get powerful and accurate, digital onboarding tools, that allow you to capture documentation and verify individuals, whilst maintaining the highest standard of compliance.
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Biometric ID technology • Data verification • Document capture Powerful AML & KYC Compliance • Digital & ID Fraud protection
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Digital Onboarding


AML checks will allow you to verify a person's name, DOB and address, as well as the fact they aren’t on a PEP or Sanction list instantaneously. These results can then be stored in any system you require to satisfy your compliance process.

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Biometrics allow you to ensure the validity of the document and the authenticity of the person being checked, this gives you assurance that the person you’re dealing with is definitely them and massively reduces the risk off raud.

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Onboarding Forms

Easy to use, fully branded digital onboarding forms, that can be customised to suit your customer journey. Capture ID's as well as any other documentation you may need such as proof of address, bank statement, birth certificate, log books etc.

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Integrated Onboarding

Through our super fast API you can integrate our digital onboarding solutions in a matter of hours to any CRM or CMS. Alternatively you could use one of our pre-built integrations to some of the worlds most popular systems.

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“Since implementing the APLYiD solution we’ve been able to remove the friction from the process. We’re now seeing a 35% uplift of customers happily moving through our onboarding process.”
Mark Balich, Head Of Product, Latitude Financial Services
“By harnessing APLYiD’s technology, we have seen 406% more accounts created due to ease of onboarding. It has been amazing to see this technology in action and how it has enhanced our client experience.”
Mark Roberts - National Sales Manager, Convera
“Having a market leading AML solution like APLYiD makes our agents more efficient in their work. It’s not only a time saver for them, it’s a recruitment tool.”
Michael Seymour, Co-Owner, Tall Poppy Real Estate
"We’ve been able to reduce theft of our vehicles by over 95% in a 12 month period by implementing the APLYiD solution."
James Dalglish, Chief Operating Officer, GO Rentals
“I have found the APLYiD an excellent way of verifying a client’s ID, and if there are any issues, we have received a very quick response. Definitely deserves 5 stars.”
Margie Willocks, O’Malley & Co Ltd


Enhanced Due Diligence

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Compliance Case Management

Outsourcing compliance brings expertise, cost savings, and allows you to focus on your core competencies. We provide specialised knowledge, effective risk management and reduce expenses associated with building an internal team, and offer flexibility to scale your compliance efforts.

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