Dawn Sandoval Residential - Case Study

Client Profile

Dawn Sandoval Residential, a boutique Estate Agent service provider located in East London, places a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Their quest for an AML solution led them on a search for an option that met their specific needs without breaking the bank.

The challenge

Dawn Sandoval Residential faced a series of challenges in its pursuit of an efficient AML solution. Costly options and inadequate offerings from other providers left them wanting more. The existing process required clients to physically present their documents for verification, a time-consuming task. For overseas clients, this process was even more daunting, often taking weeks to schedule in-person meetings. Additionally, handling international IDs posed an additional challenge. Staying updated with the evolving landscape of AML laws added further complexity.

The solution

Enter APLYiD with its ground-breaking remote identity verification flow. This biometric onboarding process provides Dawn Sandoval Residential with the capability to digitally and remotely onboard clients, eliminating the need for physical document submission. Say goodbye to the days of chasing documents and waiting for face-to-face meetings. Initiated via SMS, clients could now complete onboarding swiftly. With access to over 16,000 documents globally, Dawn Sandoval Residential can rest easy knowing they are covered by APLYiD.

APLYiD has taken the weight off our shoulders,

giving us peace of mind.

Gabriella Sandoval

Operations Manager, Dawn Sandoval Residential

The results

APLYiD transformed Dawn Sandoval Residential's onboarding process from weeks or hours to mere minutes. Verification messages could be dispatched in an instant, clients could complete onboarding in just 90 seconds, and results were neatly delivered through the online portal. This encompassed a comprehensive AML check, including verification of address, name, and date of birth against major credit bureaus in the UK. When support is needed, their dedicated customer support team is readily available to guide them through the results and the process. Notably, there is no client resistance or complaints regarding the new process. Gabriella Sandoval, the manager, praised APLYiD for "taking the weight off our shoulders, giving us peace of mind." For Dawn Sandoval Residential, APLYiD was the perfect match, and as Gabriella stated, "We couldn’t improve it."

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