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Add APLYiD to your stack within minutes. Avoid months of planning and integration headaches with a simple, smart and trustworthy process.

Leading Technology

World-Class Facial Recognition AI

Have full confidence that your customer matches their ID and is a real human being. Our powerful biometric facial recognition technology scans a users face and confirms it against trusted government sources.

Document Templates & Interrogation

Eliminate bad actors with automated ID card interrogation. APLYiD recognises global ID templates to avoid document tampering and confirm KYC authenticity.

Data Lookup & Verification

Our technology uses artificial intelligence to adapt while checking billions of datapoints to flag and protect against:

  • Possible Fraud

  • Counterfeiting

  • Political Exposure

  • Credit Score

  • Criminal Activity

  • Robot Scams

  • Global Watchlists

  • Phishing

Simple Integrations

Flexible APIs

APLYiD's APIs make integration with Salesforce incredibly simple. Integrations however are not a necessity, and we will accommodate businesses of all scopes and sizes. We offer instant access to APLYiD, with no integration required. Learn more

Global CRMs

Prebuilt integrations for many leading CRM’s for a seamless experience without the need to reinvent the wheel. Learn more


Use our out-of-the-box solution right away or pick and mix options to design the optimal digital onboarding experience based on your needs and technology stack. Learn more

Robust Security

APLYiD takes security seriously. We protect your business and customers with regular penetration testing, enhanced systems and ongoing updates to watchlists and databases.

Trusted Technology

Trusted by businesses of all shapes and sizes, our adaptable technology is used by organisations with the core mission of improving onboarding for customers and verifying their true identity.

Privacy & Security

Being fully compliant with AML & KYC legislation means privacy and security is at the forefront of our technology. APLYiD is fully compliant with all global privacy and data legislation so you can be sure your legal obligations are met.

Regular Penetration Testing

With regular penetration testing, independent security assessments and ISO compliance certification, the APLYiD platform gives companies confidence with a future proof solution that evolves as they do.

The AML platform for all sizes

APLYiD is designed to work for businesses of all shapes and sizes, ready out-of-the-box with the flexibility to support more complex workflows where needed.

Learn more from our team

Our team will help you understand your KYC obligations so you can enjoy peace of mind.

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