Go Rentals - Case Study

The challenge

GO Rentals has been faced with too many instances of vehicle theft in the New Zealand market over the last few years, almost all of them coming from the domestic market. The company wanted to tackle the problem without causing too much disruption to their customer onboarding journey.

The solution

GO Rentals implemented APLYiD software as a ‘tool in their toolbox’ and have piloted the system over the last 12 months. When Go Rentals acquire a new customer who hasn't rented with them before they use APLYiD's Biometric ID scanning, document capture and data verification to pre-qualify their customers. Returning customers who have been pre-qualified are no longer required to undergo this checking.

“We’ve been able to reduce theft of our vehicles by
over 95% in a 12 month period by implementing
the APLYiD solution. The savings in both money
and time has been enormous”

James Dalglish, Chief Operating Officer, GO Rentals

The results

GO Rentals has seen a drastic improvement. APLYiD's ID verification checks all but eliminated the problem of car theft, with only a handful of vehicles stolen but recovered in the last 12 months. The branches have also been able to reduce the need for customers to physically visit the store, resulting in increased staff productivity and branch security. The responsibility of vehicle rental approval has been greatly enhanced because APLYiD's software helps makes that decision instead.

GO Rentals is a digital-first company, and APLYiD has allowed it not just to protect the security of its cars, staff and customers – it has helped to transform the way it does business. GO Rentals now intends to have APLYiD software seamlessly integrated into their systems, saving the organisation even more time across the rental process.

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