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“By harnessing APLYiD's technology, we have seen 406% more accounts created due to ease of onboarding. It has been amazing to see this technology in action and how it has enhanced our client experience.”
Mark Roberts
Convera National Sales Manager, New Zealand

The Challenge

Convera (formerly known as Western Union Business Solutions) is one of the world’s largest non-bank FinTechs in global B2B payments, with capabilities in over 140 currencies across more than 200 countries and territories and 60 global banking partners.

Convera is subject to a large amount of AML and KYC regulations for the services they provide. Clients would be sent legal forms and required an official (JP or Police Officer) to sign them off for verification purposes. This process made for a long, complex verification process that required added internal resource. To make matters worse, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a backlog of clients needing identification and verification – checks that Convera was unable to complete.

The Solution

Convera quickly adopted APLYiD’s verification solutions. Biometric ID verification proved a significant step forward for Convera, who are driven by compliance regulations in the financial services industry. The speed and simplicity of its technology cleared the backlog and has added a better onboarding process for the business and its clients. Convera and APLYiD are now integrating the technology into Convera’s internal systems like Salesforce.


Client feedback has been fantastic and has cemented the decision to adopt APLYiD's technology. Convera has found that all levels of its staff can use the system, making it really easy to adopt throughout the business.

Verification turnaround times have dropped from weeks and months to just two to three days, which improves the customer experience. What’s more, the ease of use for the client and guidance provided as support throughout has rendered Convera’s client onboarding process practically ‘foolproof’, and has significantly increased customer retention rates.

With a team full of salespeople, the organisation needed a solution that would remove the arduous paperwork and give them back the time to have more meaningful conversations with their clients. APLYiD has delivered that solution… and more.

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