Russell McVeagh - Case Study

The challenge

With the increase in demand for contactless interactions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Russell McVeagh accelerated the use of APLYiD technology within their business, providing an opportunity for a greater efficiency when it came to dealings with their clients.

Russell McVeagh needed a solution that was reliable and efficient due to the nature of their work, and quickly adopted APLYiD’s technology for identifying and verifying their clients. It was important that the technology was accurate, and provided value for money, as well as being simple for their clients to use. The high standard in which the technology is developed meant Russell McVeagh quickly implemented the technology across their business.

The solution

Despite initially using the services on an ad-hoc basis for a number of years, Russell McVeagh has rapidly implemented APLYiD as their primary mechanism for their identification and verification processes, seeing the real value in the technology. It is also their go-to for PEP screening due to the confidence and clarity that the screening is always completed to a high standard.

Clients of Russell McVeagh have been able to see the value that the APLYiD products provide for their interactions with the firm, and its speed in which their information can be verified. When a client engages the firm on new matters, the documentation is easily accessible resulting in a more efficient process for their clients. Tackling problems is at the forefront of the work Russell McVeagh do, and by utilising APLYiD they are able to efficiently manage time sensitive work for their clients and meet short deadlines.

The pandemic has accelerated the use of this technology
and demonstrates its value in identifying and verifying
our customers quickly and efficiently without requiring
them to be physically present.

Jamie Lynch
AML/CFT Compliance And Operational Risk Manager,
Russell McVeagh

The results

Russell McVeagh are able to see the value that the APLYiD technology provides their business, in the way it streamlines their processes and provides a greater experience for their clients.

The relationship between the firm and their clients has been improved due to the ease and efficiency in which APLYiD’s technology is used within their dealings. Russell McVeagh has been impressed at the speed in which the checks are completed throughout the verification process. The biometric element of the technology is incredibly effective, giving the team confidence when it comes to their identification processes.

The support that APLYiD have provided Russell McVeagh when required has meant the firm can continue to utilise the technology efficiently and ensure they provide their high level of professionalism and service to their clients. In the future, Russell McVeagh look to utilise the APLYiD technology by incorporating bespoke elements unique to their brand to further enhance their customer experience.

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