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“From a business perspective it has saved us time and money. Everything about APLYiD is just so straightforward and easy.”
Debbie Tuddenham

The Challenge

Select Wealth, a financial services provider within Investment Services Group, is required to undergo identity and address verification before entering into any contractual agreements with clients. 

The company provides investment services to a range of third party advisers around New Zealand, and undertakes these verification checks with businesses as well as the clients that funnel through to them from financial advisers. 

Lockdowns across the country added an extra layer of verification complexity as clients were unable to have documentation verified by the likes of a JP. This ultimately accelerated the need for the company to implement a more seamless solution.

The Solution

Select Wealth uses APLYiD’s solution across their business, making ID verification a more seamless experience. The technology has been integrated with their existing CRM, Salesforce, allowing for instant communication with prospective clients through simple SMS messaging, and feeding the results back into the system once completed.

The integration has allowed Select Wealth to remain compliant and work more efficiently across a single platform. Where clients may have previously dropped off due to the verification process being too complex or time-consuming, by using APLYiD clients are able to complete the checks efficiently, regardless of their technological capabilities.

Key Results

  • All-in-One: Clients have simplified the verification process so that it can be done in one pass rather than using multiple people and systems with a full Salesforce integration
  • Smooth: removal of manual processing has cut more than 70% of the time needed to perform a check
  • Value: The APLYiD verification process has given Select Wealth significant savings in time and costs
  • Flexible: Select Wealth can both store information against a client's record but also extract the data - a vital compliance too


Through using this technology, Select Wealth has seen great efficiencies and ease of completing verification. Through the use of APIs, the APLYiD solution is integrated seamlessly into Salesforce, reducing the number of platforms they have to use as part of the onboarding process.

Select Wealth has been able to be really ‘hands off’ since implementing these systems. The client experience has significantly improved, and it has reduced the need for communications with clients when things haven’t been completed correctly, allowing the team to focus on customer service rather than on admin.

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