Heritage Estates LTD - Case Study

Client Profile

Based in Glastonbury, Somerset, Heritage Estates is a dedicated residential letting agency committed to providing Landlords with cost-effective, top-tier property management services. They also prioritise helping tenants find properties that perfectly match their requirements.

The challenge

Heritage Estates, being a small independent agency, grappled with the complexities of AML compliance. The high costs and regulatory pressures from the government only added to their stress. Their traditional, paper-based process was not only time-consuming but also a source of constant frustration. They yearned for a hassle-free client onboarding process.

The solution

Enter APLYiD, a revolutionary biometric and manual onboarding software. Its intuitive interface, coupled with its seamless access to major UK credit bureaus, instantly caught Heritage Estates' attention. APLYiD promised to simplify their operations in ways they had been seeking.

APLYiD is perfect, easy, and simple.
Mandy Kimber, Director of Heritage Estates

The results

Thanks to APLYiD, Heritage Estates successfully streamlined their AML compliance process. They now onboard clients without delay, eliminating the need for days of paper collection and verification. Mandy, the Director of Heritage Estates, praises APLYiD as "perfect, easy, and simple". The constant support from their account manager and the customer success team has been instrumental in providing them peace of mind as an independent agency. With AML worries off their plate, Heritage Estates can now focus on their core strengths, delivering exceptional service to their clients.

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