Tall Poppy Real Estate - Case Study

The challenge

New Zealand real estate company, Tall Poppy, came to APLYiD looking for a AML solution to streamline their agents’ workloads and simplify the onboarding process. The Tall Poppy team are forever embracing new technology with the changing industry landscape, like video tours for remote buyers, and wanted to integrate a slick solution which took the overwhelm out of onboarding for their customers.

It was important that the organisation wasn’t adopting another set of technology to be operating in silo of their current systems. Having a solution that was easily able to be integrated to their work processes and comfortably adopted by their sales force was important when it came implementing the APLYiD solutions.

The solution

Embracing the technology available, Tall Poppy has integrated APLYiD’s customer onboarding forms and remote identity verification flow into its own Salesforce portal to create a complete end-to-end experience for its customers. The process only takes a couple of minutes for a customer to complete, regardless of whether the property is owned by an individual, trust or company.

Clients have found the integration of the technology refreshing, and not previously utilised amongst other organisations when dealing with AML technology. The team at Tall Poppy see the reduction in direct communication with clients as a positive consequence of the implementation of the technology, as the process can be mostly self managed through the use of APLYiD’s solutions.

Having a market leading AML solution like APLYiD
makes our agents more efficient in their work.
It's not only a time saver for them, but it's a
recruitment tool.

Michael Seymour

Co-Owner, Tall Poppy Real Estate

The results

Tall Poppy has been very impressed at the high level of solutions from APLYiD, particularly the biometric technology that has been widely adopted in the modern world and incorporating that within their business. Utilising this technology, work-stream processes that previously took weeks can be turned around in a more efficient timeframe. Having the ability to have information at their fingertips when required has provided confidence for the team from a compliance perspective.

It was important to the team that the efficiencies from adopting this technology were seen not only across their clients, but also for their sales agents. The system has been fully adopted by the team at Tall Poppy and the technology meets their business needs.

As Michael from Tall Poppy says, “better never stops”, so by implementing these solutions to their daily business operations, it has had a positive impact on the efficiency in which they work. The team have honed in on their identification and verification processes, crediting the way APLYiD has been able to adapt to their needs in the estate agency sector.

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