Biometrics - First Line of Defence

Biometrics protects your business and your customers from digital fraud, whilst streamlining your customer onboarding process to under 30 seconds. 

Take your basic AML/KYC process to the next level whilst ensuring you have the gold standard of anti-fraud protection for you and your customers.

Securely onboard customers in Seconds, not hours or days.

Don’t just take our word for it, see how we compare to others.

Improve Customer Experience

Know (and impress) Your Customers

In a fierce and competitive marketplace you can’t afford a clunky and long-winded onboarding process. Your customers can easily change their mind mid-way through. Not with biometric ID verification checks. They’re completed with just one piece of ID and a selfie – all done in less time than it takes your sales team to make them a cup of coffee. And, of course, your customers can do it remotely, on their own mobile phone, without having to download any apps or software. It’s ridiculously simple, yet incredibly powerful. What's more customers actually enjoy the process.

Don’t just take our word for it. According to our client Convera (formerly Western Union), “By harnessing APLYiD's technology, we have seen 406% more accounts created due to ease of onboarding. It has been amazing to see this technology in action and how it has enhanced our client experience.” (Mark Roberts, National Sales Manager, Convera).

Reduce Referral rates

If biometrics are the trifle, then our automated document capture is the cherry on top. Honestly, it’s much sexier than it sounds. APLYiD scans, reads, and extracts ID data from documents like passports and driving licences and authenticates the documents whilst performing data checks at the same time.

This gives you a second source to verify your customer against – you’re not just reliant on Government or credit bureau data sets, you’re automatically checking a real human being against their authenticated ID. This cuts referral rates by a huge margin – our customers report a staggering 95% drop in referrals thanks to our clever little box of biometric tricks.

Help us fight digital fraud

Biometrics are the best possible way to protect your customers and your business from digital crime.  Seriously. They are the unbeaten, number one, most powerful tool in our fight against identity fraud. And that’s because they’re ridiculously hard to fake. Unlike someone copying your signature, or second-guessing your passwords, it’s more or less impossible to hack your fingerprints or your face.

With thousands of instant checks for liveness, facial structure, lighting, and compensating for age and facial hair changes, our biometric system guarantees that the person getting verified is a real human being – and that they are who they say they are.

Incomplete journey? Don’t pay

They say that you only get what you pay for. Well, we agree. We’re so confident that our biometric verification tools will change your business for the better – and your customer experience – that we only charge you for people that complete their APLYiD check.

For those (few) people that start the process but don’t complete it? We charge not a bean. Not a penny. Not a cent.

Save time, save money, save staff complaints

APLYiD is an out-of-the-box, all-in-one solution. We keep our proprietary software fully up to date with every government compliance regulation, we simplify the verification process and handle all referrals and issues. It literally takes ten minutes to set up and integrate into your existing processes, no development time or costs, and you’re good to go.

Our client Tall Poppy real estate reported to us that they sped up their customer onboarding process by 200%, while being 50% less hands-on. Co-Owner Michael Seymour says: “Having a market leading Biometric solution like APLYiD makes our agents more efficient in their work. It's not only a time saver for them, it's a recruitment tool.”

Embrace the future

With our biometric software, the future really is here. And it’s really, really cool.

Hold your face up to your phone’s camera, and our technology makes thousands of micro calculations to ensure that it is capturing an image of a real human being. It even analyses light refraction from the face and background objects to confirm the 3D space around you. Our technology creates a dot matrix ‘map’ of your face – over 30,000 different facial vectors in total – then we verify that ‘map’ against their ID photo, before using OCR technology to capture the ID text in a dynamic form, and then comparing both to confirm the customer’s identity. The coolest part? Our verification process happens faster than you can read the above paragraph.

The only important bit that you really need to know is that our advanced biometric technology means we can onboard anyone no matter their age, nationality or smartphone model.

Our staff receive one report with everything we need to meet our AML obligations, which has saved so much time and improved efficiencies. Our clients have told us of their time and cost savings too.

Kerry Taylor - Compliance Manager, Wyn Williams Law

By harnessing APLYiD's technology, we have seen 406% more accounts created due to ease of onboarding. It has been amazing to see this technology in action and how it has enhanced our client experience.

Mark Roberts - National Sales Manager, Convera

Since implementing the APLYiD solution we’ve been able to remove the friction from the process. We’re now seeing a 35% uplift of customers happily moving through our onboarding process.

Mark Balich - Head Of Product, Latitude Financial Services

Having a market leading AML solution like APLYiD makes our agents more efficient in their work. It's not only a time saver for them, but it's a recruitment tool.

Michael Seymour - Co-Owner, Tall Poppy Real Estate

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