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APLYiD is the leading digital customer onboarding solution.

Never before has on-boarding been so effortless. The APLYiD digital ID solution streamlines your customer onboarding requirements, ensuring you meet your compliance obligations to meet KYC and AML requirements, without sacrificing user experience. The APLYiD solution captures Global Government ID documents, verifying them against a world accredited facial biometric platform, proving the likeness and liveness of a person and verifying the data against multiple trusted sources. We maintain the highest levels of fraud detection, privacy and security while also supplying world leading digital ID solutions.

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Know who you're dealing with

We only offer the best. APLYiD will give you the confidence that your customer is who they say they are. Using world class facial biometric technology and machine learning to analyse multiple points on the face.

Using both passive or active liveness options, APLYiD is able to confirm that the end-user applying is a real person. Our facial biometric solution is device agnostic, designed with the end-user in mind to ensure a superior experience. We're proud to confirm that our technology uses the best technology available to give you confidence that you know who your customer is.

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Document capture

APLYiD uses point and shoot technology. End-users are able to take a photo of their Govt. ID document using their mobile device.There are no apps to download and the entire process can be completed in minutes, from anywhere. The Optical Character Recognition engine is extremely effective in all varieties of lighting and situations, which provides easy document capture technology on any device. Capture a drivers licence or passport and prove their authenticity using our powerful fraud detection and document tampering technologies.

Validate customer information

APLYiD's seamless solution means capturing accurate, trusted data to validate addresses and names from your customers has never been easier. The end-user only keys in 2-3 characters to perform a full data verification for creditor general applications. Verify the captured data against multiple trusted sources to ensure you meet all compliance regulations, including obligations under global Anti-money Laundering legislation.

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Security at the core

APLYiD doesn’t store any personal information but provides the tools required to complete customer onboarding checks. All personal information is encrypted and data is temporarily hosted in a protected server until verification is completed, then the data is permanently deleted.

Flexible access

APLYiD provides a flexible, customisable and integrated digital onboarding solution that will take minutes to complete and enables you to capture all the customer information you need and import it into your CRM. Forget about paper, APLYiD has a standalone portal and a flexible open
API so that we can work with our customers to create the optimal end-to-end customer
onboarding solution.

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Optimise your ROI

APLYiD's pricing model is flexible to meet any business requirement. It is based on transactional pricing, providing a significant return on investment through an enhanced end-user experience. Get in touch with the team to figure out how APLYiD can save your business time, effort and money.

Our team

APLYiD's mission is to create flexible and accessible onboarding solutions for any organisation that needs to quickly, easily and effectively bring on new customers. APLYiD has a primary focus on combining customer experience with compliance to ensure you can acquire the right customers with the least amount of friction.

Customer experience, privacy and security are at the forefront of our product. We pride ourselves on providing solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s needs. We do the work for you to ensure you are always getting the best technology solutions and customer journeys available in the market.

We are a New Zealand born and based organisation with global reach. The founders Claudia & Russell both hail from extensive backgrounds in technology, sales and strategy and they specialise in the credit, ID and biometric space, having worked at some of the most recognised brands globally in these sectors.  APLYiD is the most accessible SaaS ID platform available in market today.

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