APLYiD has built a revolutionary platform.

We capture the most up to date and comprehensive data for client onboarding, using the most powerful facial recognition technology coupled with trusted government sources.

The truest, fastest, most reliable identity platform in the market.

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We're security pioneers, with tech

Secure. Guaranteed

Never before has the security of customer data been so important.

APLYiD provides a two factor authentication process for added security. We do not save or store customer information. All data is hard deleted from our servers once downloaded. With regular penetration tests, security assessments and ISO compliance certification, APLYiD ensures that both your data and your clients data is secure and safe.
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APLYiD is the fastest, most
accurate KYC solution in the market.

Our incredibly accurate OCR and biometric technology utilises millions of trusted data validation points for complete verification of identity in 90 seconds.