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Powerful KYC + AML compliance for  

APLYiD is a trusted & accredited digital ID solution designed to streamline your customer onboarding with a first-class user experience.

Powering security in UK, AU and NZ

Lightning-fast KYC

Done in 90 Seconds

Our simplified 2-step approach uses biometric verification to match ID photos with government records and a selfie of the document holder.

Frictionless forms

With lightning-fast ID processing and a reduced number of steps and documents required - now you won’t lose customers to form fatigue.

Accurate ID made simple

Government Compliant Process

Now it's simple to comply with government regulation to meet your AML/KYC requirements across multiple jurisdictions. Get in touch to find out what countries we cover.

10 Minute Set Up

Getting setup with APLYiD is as simple as creating an account. You can start trialing the out-of-box solution straight away, to understand how you can save your business time and money.

World leading Security technology

Finally, enterprise-grade biometric compliance is simple and accessable to everyone.

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Your ultimate AML platform

Gold-class support

APLYiD is the only AML platform with premium support for you and your customers, saving time and giving you peace of mind.

World Leading Technology

APLYiD is built on advanced, flexible technology that adapts to fit your business. Market leading & beautifully simple.

Worldclass security at your fingertips

Government Compliant

APLYiD ensures your organisation is compliant with the law.  Our tech passes government standards so you meet your local and global AML/KYC requirements.

Always own your Data

Constant updates and feature releases to comply with ongoing govt compliance requirements. APLYiD is your long term and futureproof AML solution.

Verified Govt Data-sets

APLYiD is coupled with the best available Government, Credit Bureau and Enterprise datasets, keeping all identification updated and accurate.

Getting setup with APLYiD

No IT required

No development work is required to integrate APLYiD with your system. We provide an out of the box solution and hands-on support to get you set up quickly.

Flexible integration

APLYiD has a standalone portal with a flexible, open API that allows you to create the optimal end-to-end solution for your business.

Pay for what you use

APLYiD’s pricing model is flexible  and designed to ensure you get a return on your investment.

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KYC trusted by business worldwide


A significant increase in customers completing onboarding

“Since implementing the APLYiD solution we’ve been able to remove the friction from the process and are now seeing a significantly higher number of customers happily moving through our onboarding process.”

Mark Balich

Head of Product, Latitude Financial Services

Real Estate

It’s not only a time-saver, it’s a recruitment tool too

“Having a market leading AML solution like APLYiD makes our agents more efficient in their work. It's not only a time saver for them, but it's a recruitment tool.”

Michael Seymour

Co-Owner, Tall Poppy Real Estate


Excellent customer service and product

“We use APLYiD to assist with our customer due diligence and have been extremely pleased with both the service level offering from the team and the product itself.”

Daniel Wein

Associate Director, Ellice Tanner Hart Lawyers


We've seen excellent time efficiencies using APLYiD

“Our staff receive one report with everything we require to meet our AML obligations, which has saved time and improved efficiencies. Our clients have voiced time and cost savings due to their AML documentation not needing a certification by a trusted referee.”

Kerry Taylor

Compliance Manager, Wynn Williams Law Firm


Hugely Beneficial In The Changing Covid Landscape

“APLYiD provides quick and simple processes with clean, easy to understand reports. The Biometric check has been instrumental in helping to keep our CDD processes moving, providing reliable results and is a great solution for when face to face meetings just aren’t possible – particularly helpful in the changing ‘Covid’ landscape."

Roslynne Robinson

Practice / AML Admin Manager, Sutcliffe Graham + Co

Pricing Tailored to You

APLYiD’s pricing model is flexible to meet any business requirement. Based on transactional pricing you only pay for what you use. From small business to large enterprise, APLYiD can save your business time, effort and money.

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Our team will help you understand your KYC obligations so you can enjoy peace of mind.

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