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It’s what we do. The AML software platform that will verify your customers online in seconds. Don’t waste a single customer. Automate your KYC process with a seamless biometric onboarding experience. Find out why we are the world's fastest growing AML platform.
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Biometric ID technology • Data verification • Document capture Powerful AML & KYC Compliance • Digital & ID Fraud protection
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How it works

We send a text to kickstart the verification process.

Then scan against over 16,000 ID types and captures your customers details.

The client
takes a selfie.

And you're all done in under 90 seconds.

Step one:

Enter your customer’s name and mobile number and they receive a text to kickstart the verification process.

Step two:

Our OCR technology scans 16,000 ID types (like a passport or driving licence) and captures their details in dynamic form.

Step three:

The client then takes a selfie, where our biometric software measures over 30,000 different facial vectors to confirm ‘liveness’ and compare their face to their ID.

Step four:

We scan global government databases with a checklist that complies with the very latest in AML and KYC compliance regulations including PEP & Sanctions checks, before we verify your customer with 100% accuracy.

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Step five:

The whole process from start to finish takes less than 90 seconds, with no manual data entry or typing needed. Simple.

“Having a market leading AML solution like APLYiD makes our agents more efficient in their work. It’s not just a time saver for them, it’s a recruitment tool.”
Michael Seymour, Co-Owner, Tall Poppy Real Estate
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It's Smart.

Lightning fast biometric IDV

Our next-gen technology matches user-generated selfies with millions of global government records and visual IDs in just 90 seconds.

Designed to work for you

APLYiD is built on advanced, flexible technology that works right out of the box, which can be adapted to fit your business needs, no matter how complex.

Foolproof and futureproof

Our software automatically updates to stay ahead of compliance regulations.
Your business is safe – now,
and always.

“With APLYiD we have seen 406% more accounts created due to ease of onboarding.”
Mark Roberts, National Sales Manager, Convera

It's Simple.

Fewer drop-offs
due to form fatigue

Works right on your customers’ phone with no downloads or faffing about. So quick and easy that fewer customers abandon the onboarding process halfway through.

Set up in under ten minutes

We can get you set up and ready to go in less than 10 minutes. And it works alongside your existing IT setup with no need for expensive development work or integration. 

Enhanced customer experience

‘White label’ options mean
your customers stay in your digital environment, not in some weird or off-putting third party website.

“I find this so helpful in my job. It’s very easy to use – never had an issue – and the APLYiD team is always there if you need assistance.”
Heidi Churchard, Stadium Finance

The Facts:

70% less paperwork
Reduce your admin burden on your most high-performing teams

1/3 less staff time wasted
Redeploy your staff to winning more customers or servicing existing ones

Compliant and audit-ready
Including PEP & Sanctions checks so you can be audit-ready, without the hassle

406% more customers
Fewer dropoffs means more customers completing their purchase journey

99.9% reduction in fraud
Reducing digital crime and identity theft with a foolproof, future proof solution

Fewest dropoffs in the business
Our checks are performed via multiple providers rather than one vulnerable source

What do our customers say?
We’re committed to providing a best-in-class customer service for our clients. See the results here:

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One of the most prevalent challenges faced by Assured Conveyancing was the prolonged timeframe required for client onboarding, which, in the industry, typically spans 14 weeks.

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Dawn Sandoval Residential faced a series of challenges in its pursuit of an efficient AML solution.

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New Zealand real estate company, Tall Poppy, came to APLYiD looking for a AML solution to streamline their agents’ workloads and simplify the onboarding process.

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Convera - Case Study

Convera quickly adopted APLYiD’s verification solutions. Biometric ID verification proved a significant step forward for Convera, who are driven by compliance regulations in the financial services industry.

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Russell McVeagh - Case Study

Russell McVeagh are able to see the value that the APLYiD technology provides their business, in the way it streamlines their processes and provides a greater experience for their clients.

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Latitude Financial Services - Case Study

Since implementing the APLYiD solution, Latitude Finance has been able to remove friction from the customer onboarding process, resulting in 35% increase in customers onboarding.

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Go Rentals - Case Study

GO Rentals has seen a drastic improvement. APLYiD's ID verification checks all but eliminated the problem of car theft, with only a handful of vehicles stolen but recovered in the last 12 months.

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Financial Services

Select Wealth - Case Study

Select Wealth, a financial services provider within Investment Services Group, is required to undergo identity and address verification before entering into any contractual agreements with clients. The company pr

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It's Safe.

World leading security

APLYiD is powered by the
best available Government, Credit Bureau and Enterprise datasets, keeping all
identification ultra-secure, updated and accurate.

Compliance for every
customer. Always.

APLYiD tech automatically complies with AML and KYC compliance regulations set by every country in the world – keeping you safe no matter where you do business.

Untrackable and unhackable

We automatically delete
customer data within minutes of verification so we will never be the source of a data breach. Your business – and your customers – are secure with us.

“I find this so helpful in my job. It’s very easy to use – never had an issue – and the APLYiD team is always there if you need assistance.”
Heidi Churchard, Stadium Finance

How Are Hackers Beating ID Verification Software?

To understand how ID software is being attacked we worked with our partners at We Fight Fraud and set them a unique challenge: break open a bank that uses biometric ID verification. This is the results.

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