Reapit’s promise to deliver ‘everything you need to run and grow your estate agency’ just got even better with APLYiD’s fast, seamless, AML compliance and onboarding software built right into the system.


Reapit is loved and trusted by over 12,000 estate agencies worldwide. Its single sign-on platform helps estate agencies to run and grow their business with CRM, marketing and sales tools that keep track of all their buyers’ and sellers’ data. Its tools help to maximise productivity, develop intelligent prospecting and close more sales than ever before.

Now APLYiD is available directly through the Reapit app platform so you can streamline your sales and onboarding process even further. Take advantage of APLYiD’s simple, automated workflow for verifying your vendors’ identities and automatically comply with all Anti-Money Laundering regulations without any clumsy and unnecessary paperwork.

With Reapit and APLYiD you can give your clients a personalised sales journey with streamlined and best-practice inspired sales progression milestones that will help you generate more revenue.

About the Provider
Reapit is the original, end-to-end business technology provider for estate agencies of all sizes. The platform has been helping residential estate agents to grow their businesses for the over 25 years. Reapit provides agencies with all the essential technology they need – for sales, lettings, property management, block management, client accounts and analytics – to run and grow their businesses, underpinned by robust, enterprise-ready security infrastructure.
Regions Available
United Kingdom

Integration Features

Single sign-on:

APLYiD is available via Reapit’s AppMarket and can be easily integrated into your workflow. Your Reapit login will give you automatic access once you’ve set up an APLYiD account with us, meaning it’s instantly available to use with every vendor and buyer. And because you’re using Reapit to handle your ongoing CRM and property sales and marketing, your customer verification is all built in to your existing workflow.

No data entry, no chasing:

With APLYiD integrated, that automation carries right through to the customer journey. Once you’ve got a buyer, you can verify their identity and protect yourself against fraud, meet your AML and KYC compliance requirements, and chase up the client automatically when the time comes to complete their checks. It’s all done within the same platform. Easy.

Become a partner

The APLYiD partnership program puts our joint customers first, giving them a faster, more secure process. Enquire now to become a partner.