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Global ID & Watchlist Checks

APLYiD verifies ID by using global ID templates and document validation that compares against the most up-to-date government documents and recognised watchlists.

Fraud Protection Checks

Eliminate bad actors through ID card interrogation. APLYiD uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify fraud, document tampering, fake imagery, robot scams, phishing and other suspicious activity.

Credit & Criminal Checks

Credit scores and global watch lists are checked via credit bureaus and government documents to verify your customer's identity. Our verification system will flag any unusual activity, like if a person is politically exposed or linked to potential criminal activity.

Personal Data Is Deleted

APLYiD does not store your customer information. All Personal Identity Information is deleted from our systems after it is accessed or downloaded by our customers.

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Local & Global Support

Designed to Work Everywhere

Our tool is specifically designed to be used from any mobile device, anywhere and at any time. The most advanced ALM compliance technology is now more accessible than ever.

Compliant in Major Markets

APLYiD gives you confidence and peace of mind that you are meeting your internal and external compliance requirements, to ensure you keep you business and your customers safe. From Australia to the UK, our world-class biometric technology works anywhere and on any device.

A Platform for Businesses of Any Size

APLYiD can be used out of the box through our web based portal, or can be designed to optimise you customer on-boarding experience.

Gold-Class Customer Support

APLYiD is the only AML platform with premium support for you and your customers, saving time and giving you peace of mind.

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Accurate Tech

Facial Recognition & Likeness

Have full confidence that your customer matches their ID and is a real human being. Our powerful biometric facial recognition technology scans a user’s face and confirms it against trusted government sources.

Simple 2-Step Process

Customer onboarding is done in two simple steps. Just take a photo of your driver's license and let our biometric facial recognition capture your face. ID checks have never been easier.

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