How and When to Use our Manual EIDV

You're unique. Our biometric ID tool can prove that.

However, looks aren't everything - our individual needs define who we are, too.  At APLY,  we have made sure that you pay only for the services you need. We have a new service available for customer ID verification in our latest software update: Manual Electronic Identity Verification (EIDV).

You have questions, allow us to elaborate. Here's what you need to know:

1. EIDV is a semi-manual process. The process starts when you enter your customer's information into APLY. Their details are then run against independent, trusted and reliable data sources. APLY returns the results, and, the process of verifying your customer's identity  is complete. 2.  You control the timeline. If you already have your customer's ID details on file, you can complete verification quickly and independently. 3. EIDV can be used when you can already confirm your customer is who they've identified themselves as. According to the Identity Verification Code of Practice - Explanatory Note there are two components of electronic identification, matching the person you are dealing with to the identity they are claiming and secondly confirmation of identity information. 4. Manual EIDV may not always be an appropriate choice. Manual verification is a reliable verification method but relies on your personal judgement of the person's match against the supplied documents. As a result, we do not recommend using EIDV if you have any doubt about their authenticity. We have developed APLY with your individuality in mind. EIDV and biometrics are both AML ID verification solutions - our software allows you the flexibility to use both services at your discretion.